Sneaking in another sneaky teaser for my SF world

As I’ve mentioned before, the world I’m basing my books on is orbiting a star that actually exists.  Now, I’m going to give some extra technical information about the star to give you some more clues about what it is.

It’s a G0 V star, meaning it’s a G-type star, somewhat similar to our sun, and it’s a main sequence star.  It’s slightly larger and more luminous than our sun, as well.  However, it is younger, at about 3 billion years old.  It’s less than 30 light years away, and is the brightest star in its constellation.  However, it is not the alpha star in its constellation.  As I said before, the star does have an Arabic name, though it’s not commonly used.  Please check my previous post about this for more information.

So, does this help you?  Any idea which star this is?  Can you guess the name of the planet, too?  Leave your guesses in the comments!

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