Authors Answer 128 – Ghostwriting

Books are not written by ghosts, but there are people who ghostwrite. They don’t write under their own name, but under someone else’s. Some people have their reasons to be ghostwriters, while others would prefer to write their own books. But how about us?

Question 128 – Have you ever tried or thought about ghostwriting?

Tracey Lynn Tobin

For the longest time I didn’t even know what ghostwriting was. When I eventually found out I thought the idea sounded very interesting, and I did, in fact, consider it for a while and did some searches around the internet for how one would go about getting into it. In the end, though, I don’t think I really settled into the concept of it. I prefer to write my own ideas, my own stories. I’m not necessarily saying that I’d never do it, but I don’t think it’ll ever be something that I actively seek to do.

D. T. Nova

I’ve never really thought about it. I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it.

Gregory S. Close

I have thought about ghostwriting, but unless the money was RIDICULOUS I don’t think it’s worth it.  Words and stories are all that I have to offer the world, and attaching them to another person’s name would be very hard.  If that allowed me to pursue my own writing full time, then maybe it would be worth it.  Otherwise, I want the blood, sweat and vowels I commit to the page credited to me, for better or worse.

Jean Davis

I have not tried or thought about ghostwriting. I have so many ideas of my own that I haven’t had the time to consider other avenues.

Eric Wood

I have both thought about it and done it. I joined an online writing website where clients seek writers for various purposes. The pay wasn’t great, but it was good experience. It may have paid more had I stuck with it… But anyway, I ghostwrote a book based on illustrations I was given. It was about two futuristic kids who flew through the solar system in their dad’s spaceship and learned much about space along the way. It’s called “Mr Eus – Story of the Future” and it’s available through Google Play and iTunes.

Paul B. Spence

No? Why would I?

C E Aylett

Have thought about it, never tried it. I decided I’ve got enough of my own ideas to contend with, let alone wrestling someone else’s. And it’s just another distraction from my own writing, so haven’t gone there yet.

H. Anthe Davis

No interest in doing this!  I have too much of my own stuff to write.

Beth Aman

I’d love to write ghost stories sometime!  Ghosts, demons, vampires, blood, death – wait, what do you mean ‘That’s not what ghostwriting is’?  Jokes aside, real ghostwriting has never seemed appealing to me.  If I’m writing something, I want my name on it.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Honestly, I’ve never considered it. I don’t think I could pull off writing as another person, nor would I want to. If I’m putting in the work to write a story, I want my name on it.

Cyrus Keith

Once, for about fifteen seconds. Then I blinked and looked at my own backlog.

Jay Dee Archer

I was once asked if I’d consider ghostwriting. Well, I didn’t. And I still don’t. I have too much of my own stuff to write. This makes this a very simple answer. I just don’t have the time to even consider doing this.

How about you?

Have you ever thought about ghostwriting? Or have you done any? Let us know in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “Authors Answer 128 – Ghostwriting”

      1. Yay! It also allowed me to share what I ghost wrote. The last I checked (when I answered this question) I think 9 people had bought it. Guess it wasn’t a best seller. It’s free now.

  1. Ghostwriting is when you write a story, but someone else’s name goes on it as the author. By that definition, I have ghostwritten and will continue to do so. I prefer not to have my name on fiction I write, actually. (At this very moment, I’m just getting over an anxiety attack about MY name being on a published story. My brother and I agreed years ago that I could put his name on my stories, too, so I could be a published author without anyone looking at me. *sigh*) Obviously, I don’t write because I want to become famous as a writer. (Fame means having to make eye contact, metaphorically speaking. *shudder*) I suppose I would be willing to ghostwrite formally, if I were offered reasonable compensation.

    1. Sounds like a good reason to ghostwrite. But you’re in a situation where you can work with your brother, and I would suspect that it’s much easier than ghostwriting for someone else.

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