Can No Man’s Sky Be Salvaged?

It’s been nearly three months since I’ve played No Man’s Sky. It’s gone through some major issues with losing most of its players, many people complaining about false advertising, and a game that seems to have no direction. Well, it’s finally being updated! It’s called the Foundation Update, which adds many features, such as the ability to construct bases, build and operate freighters, hire alien workers for your base, and more. And these are some of the things that were originally promised. What’s even more interesting is that this isn’t the biggest update to come.

Check out this video about the updates. Don’t mind the people in the video. They always joke around about the games.

Will I resume playing it? Of course! I want to see how it’s been improved. Unfortunately, the update is buggy, as my sister has found out already. But they should be ironed out. But I’m not particularly interested in spending all my time building things. I still want to explore every planet I discover. That’s what I like about the game, despite its issues.

Is anyone considering playing again? Let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Can No Man’s Sky Be Salvaged?”

  1. That looks pretty cool. I don’t play many games, but that looks cool. I was the guy who said, “Hey, maybe I should give Pokemon Go a go,” and then it was suddenly irrelevant.

    1. I’m still playing Pokemon Go. The recent update was welcome, but I’m looking forward to the Generation 2 update.

      No Man’s Sky is very interesting. I’ve enjoyed it, even though it was flawed. I guess I’m one of those few who didn’t mind the lack of features that they promised, simply because I love the exploration. But with the updates coming, it’s bound to become the game they intended it to be. I can only hope.

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