Game of Thrones and Others, Why I Won’t Watch Them… Yet

I heard Game of Thrones is back on TV with new episodes now. I won’t watch it. My mom told me The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was on TV last night. I said I didn’t want to watch it.

Why would I refuse to watch these? I’ll watch The Shannara Chronicles. I’ll watch the Ender’s Game movie. Why will I watch these, but not the others?

The answer is simple: If I’ve read the book, I’ll watch it. If I haven’t read the book, I won’t watch it.

I’ve read up to the third book for A Storm of Ice and Fire, but I don’t really want to watch the TV series until I’ve read more of the books. I’ve only read the first Narnia book, but the Dawn Treader is the third book. I have read Elfstones of Shannara, which the TV series is based on. I have read Ender’s Game.

The reason why I won’t watch the movie or TV series until I’ve read the books is because I don’t want the actors to appear in my imagination. I don’t want the sets to appear in my imagination. I want my mind to create the appearance of the people and places. I don’t want that spoiled.

Do you feel the same? Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Game of Thrones and Others, Why I Won’t Watch Them… Yet”

  1. I havent seen Gameof Thrones or read the book. I don’t watch tv and rarely catch up with shows on it otherwise. I do have tge firat GoT book in my ‘to read’ pile thoufh.

    1. I didn’t watch much TV in Japan after my daughter was born. It was all Disney on TV. But now that I’m back in Canada and have access to Netflix, I will watch a few TV series and a lot of movies, but only after I’ve read the books.

  2. That is quite an interesting reason! I’ve never heard anyone cite that one before. If I’ve read a book before seeing the visual adaptation, I maintain the thoughts I had regardless if I’ve seen it, but if I watched first then those thoughts would intrude, unless the descriptions were wildly different.

    Would you read the books that are out now and then watch even though the book series isn’t finished yet?

    1. I’ve read the first three books, but I’m not sure if that takes it through the third season or not. I’ve seen enough pictures to have the actors stuck in my mind. At least a few of them. I read the first book before I knew about the TV series, so Sean Bean was not in my mind.

      1. The third season is the first half of Storm of Swords (if I’m remembering correctly), but in season 6 they’ve caught up with and surpassed the books that are currently out. Though there are marked differences between the show and the books, I believe both will arrive at the same end, but the show will be a lot simpler in it since there are things that can just be conveyed more intricately in a written medium.

          1. Not any more actually. I don’t believe he’s written an episode since season 4. Obviously, Benioff and Weiss certainly have and use his input, and while I think the end result will be the same, how both narratives get there may be markedly different (at least I hope…)

            1. So there may be quite a difference, then. I guess if I catch up on the books, I could watch and not be spoiled by the new episodes.

            2. As of the end of season 5 there were major differences. I won’t spoil things for you though. I’d thought of not watching/being spoiled, but because the show has deviated so much, I’m not too worried. Plus avoiding it would be far to difficult for me.

            3. Ah, ok. If it’s that different than the books, then maybe I’ll have to check it out when I can. I’d been thinking about getting it on DVD anyway.

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