Nothing Beats Being a Parent

I wrote this for my parenting in Japan blog, and thought I’d share it with all of you. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you feel the same way.

She is one of the reasons I write. She’s why I’m working so hard now on my writing.

Foreign Dad in Japan

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood.  Absolutely nothing.  When I became a parent, I felt something I’ve never felt before, something that is incredibly difficult to describe in words.  I can’t compare it with anything.

My daughter was born 1 year, 9 months, and 28 days ago.  On Monday, she’ll be 22 months old.  It’s been a roller coaster ride.  She’s been a newborn, a baby who couldn’t do anything on her own, a baby who could roll over, a baby who could crawl, a baby who could stand up, a baby who could walk, a toddler who could run, and now a toddler who can speak.  She hugs, she kisses, she holds hands.  When I come home from work, she smiles at me really big and runs to give me a hug while laughing.  When I get her out to the nursery driver, she waves and says “bye-bye.”  She…

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Doctor Who and Me

It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.  What a long run it’s had.  I’m absolutely amazed at how long it’s been going (not counting its 1989-2005 hiatus).

When I first watched Doctor Who, it was after midnight on PBS in the late 80s and early 90s.  I watched it every weekend, absolutely engrossed in this quirky science fiction TV series from England.  I watched as the 4th Doctor became the 5th Doctor, then the 6th Doctor, and the 7th Doctor.  That’s when I stopped watching it because it ended.  The days I remember most are with the 4th Doctor, K9, Romana, and Adric.  I don’t know why they stand out so much.  The 5th Doctor remains strong in my mind, as well.  I wasn’t very fond of the 6th Doctor, and I saw little of the 7th Doctor.  And then it ended in 1989.  I did see the 1996 movie, which featured a very, very short 8th Doctor.

The current incarnation of Doctor Who is available on Hulu here in Japan.  Seasons 1-4 are available now, but seasons 5-7 will become available next month.  Excited?  I sure am!  Have I watched it?  Not one bit!  I did see a Christmas special when I was on holiday in Canada one Christmas, and that was featuring the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.  But that’s all I’ve seen of the modern Doctor Who.

But I’ve heard a lot of it.  You see, my wife is currently watching season 2 on Hulu as I type this.  My wife has discovered Doctor Who and really enjoys it.  Who knew she would watch it and I wouldn’t?  I must start watching it when I have time!

Unbelievable.  I’m not watching it, but my wife is.  I never would’ve thought that would happen.