Don’t Believe the Mt. Etna CO2 Meme

Have you seen this floating around on Facebook or Twitter?


Don’t believe it. Don’t believe one word of it. Check this out. It’s a link to the Snopes article explaining why it’s not true. Simply, Mt. Etna releases the same amount of carbon dioxide in an eruption as a small European country does in one day. It’s rather insignificant when compared to the world.

I’ve seen this going around on Facebook with people believing every word of it. They’d take the word of a meme that cites no legitimate sources over the consensus of more than 99% of climate scientists. They say it’s a hoax or conspiracy. “They” are climate change deniers, people who have no formal training in climate science or atmospheric science. They are people who have no idea what science is.

I will fight against ignorance. When you understand the science, then I’ll take you seriously. If you look at all evidence and come to an unbiased conclusion, then I’ll listen. Unfortunately, all the people I’ve seen arguing that climate change isn’t happening are doing so from a political point of view, or they feel that local economics are more important than the future of our planet and the lives of our children and grandchildren. Such arrogance. Such self-centred righteousness.


34 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Mt. Etna CO2 Meme”

  1. It’s unreal to me, the number of people so willing to believe FOX News anchors, meme’s, and The Trumpster Fire over educated scientists who’ve studied this topic for 30-40 years presenting satellite images, hard data, and solid evidence. It makes no sense. Are they scared of the truth, oblivious, or brainwashed?

    1. Probably a combination. And I think there are many who think that science is merely an opinion that can be disregarded if they disagree with it.

      1. Blows me away, the level of ambivalence and ignoring of warning signs. Primarily in the name of protection of assets, be it money, funding, or votes. Humans really suck sometimes.

    2. Scientists believed the earth was flat for a long time. Scientists got the number of galaxy’s in the universe very wrong. Scientists told us eggs were killing us. You don’t have to be a scientist to know how the Sun affects climate change. Nor do you have to be a scientist to understand the slight changes in Earths axis every 100 years affects climate change. One other thing, follow the money, for God’s sake every college that professes man made climate change reaps $10’s of millions to produce the same report. Trillions are being drained from our economy by world organizations just itching to get their hands on American dollars. You fell for the Polar Bear on a melting ice block OMG that’s how they live, they’ve done that same thing for millions of years. People who know that they are morally superior to the rest of mankind are often
      tempted to ignore the moral norms on which Western civilization depends. One of the most important of these rules is telling the truth. The Ninth Commandment states ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness….’ Environmentalism, however, is a form of religious belief which fosters a sense of moral superiority in the believer, but which places no importance on telling the truth. As the former Canadian Environment
      Minister Christine Stewart put it:
      No matter if the science is all phony [sic], there are collateral environmental benefits…. Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world.1

      1. My response: you’re wrong. You, of course, are entitled to your opinion. Well, so am I. My opinion? You’re wrong. I find your tone and assumptive comments insulting. But, I’m not mad at you. Keep burning fossil fuels, driving a gas guzzling monolith, and refusing to recycle if you choose. It’s your life. I choose differing options. This has nothing to do with religion, by the way. I’m not religious in any way, shape, or form. We, mankind, are not solely responsible for climate change. But we sure aren’t making matters any better. You vote for The Trumpster Fire? Good for you. Be happy when he rods you of the EPA and factories are back to unfettered polluting, poisoning the ground water, and killing their neighbors slowly from toxic fumes. Celebrate! Yay! Y’all are real winners. Bye now…permanently. No response necessary, please.

      2. Sounds like you have a few things wrong. Science is something that is always changing, that’s part of what it is. We always learn new things. Number of galaxies were wrong? Our ability to see deep in the universe keeps improving. The numbers become more accurate. The earth’s axis changes every 100 years? I don’t know where you got that. The period is 26,000 years for the precession of the earth’s axis. We are at the end of an ice age, but the rate at which the earth is warming is far faster than has been seen before. Scientists aren’t in this to falsify data for money. Some have done so before, but they were called out and very publicly refuted. Andrew Wakefield is one such person, as is Charles Dawson, the likely creator of the Piltdown Man. Scientists don’t like fake data and reports.

    3. shame, once your told something at just the right time in ones life it’s enough to make it impossible to correct. 99% of scientists? really. where and when were all these scientists gathered, referenced? Never is the correct answer. the only ones supporting this were on gov’t grants here and overseas. And only then it was after they omitted pertinent historical data that would have made there finding inconclusive. Never enough time to review the mountain of data against this bs theory – founder of the Weather Channels… yes a scientists, meteorologists on videos has stated numerous times the hoax. The money being collected can be accounted for but not the balance…. wonder why. Feel free to look up that last part.

      1. Tell this to your future grandkids, their kids, etc. I’m guessing, by your words here, that you think global warming isn’t happening. So, you be you, and ignore your stewardship of the planet. Those of us who care and feel a sense of responsibility to future generations of people, plants, and wildlife will continue to do all we can to protect it.

  2. Fight on, Jay Dee! Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s rather painful at times. Unfortunately, the “deniers” will only believe it when its too late. If it isn’t already.

    1. I think it’s too late to stop it from happening, but not too late to reduce the effects. Very unfortunate that so many people don’t get it. Many selfish people who don’t care and too many who say “God will save us.”

        1. Congratulations on providing absolutely no argument. I’m very well educated with a degree in the sciences. Calling people idiots is hardly an argument, nor does it make anyone think you’re intelligent.

          1. No matter if the science is all phony [sic], there are collateral environmental benefits…. Climate change [provides] the greatest chance to bring about justice and equality in the world. A true socialist conspiracy.

            1. No conspiracy here. I’m sorry, there just isn’t. And political stances have absolutely nothing to do with what is really happening.

    2. feel the water reaching my ankles already…. since 2006 when Gore first came out with this… then i saw how every one of these believers with a platform lives… in there mansions and like Dicaprio.. flying coast to coast in a personal jet just to go check out a new club on the west coast. Gotta love the hypocrisy. I would have kept believing it if the solution wasn’t to create taxes into oblivion to solve the problem.

  3. Fortunately, I hadn’t seen this meme previously. Yes, the level of science illiteracy here in the US is appalling. I often have to explain the science to people who fall for the climate deniers’ myths.

    1. I often explain it to people, yet they keep telling me they’re sure they’re correct.

      It’s like trying to tell people that foxes are not cats. There are people who think foxes are more closely related to cats than to dogs. They are in the dog family. They’re shaped like a dog. They have dog features. They are a wild dog, basically. But no, because someone once told them they were cats, they believe they are cats.

    2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, non-toxic gas which is essential to all life on earth. All green vegetation requires carbon dioxide as plant food, and the process of photosynthesis, in which plants take in carbon dioxide, absorb solar radiation, store the carbon and emit oxygen, is basic to life. As concentrations of carbon dioxide increase, the rates of growth of plants also increase.
      Flowers and vegetables grown in hothouses are frequently fed with extra
      carbon dioxide for faster growth and higher yields. As atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased from approximately 325 ppmv (parts per million by volume) in 1970 to 375 ppmv today, wheat yields in Australia have increased in the last 30 years, in part because of CO2 enrichment.

      1. Atmospheric CO2 is now past 400 ppm at least for a major portion of the year. The problem is that this concentration in league with other green house gases, such as methane, is raising temperatures of the land and ocean in a way that is causing stress to many plants. For example, in the Northeast of the US, the production of syrup from sugar maples has been adversely affected by the warmer winters and earlier spring. In the western US, large regions have been devastated by pine bark beetles, which used to be kept in check by the cold winters. These kinds of negative effects more than offset any benefit of higher CO2 levels. The addition of fossil carbon is our main problem. The natural system would rebalance if only surface carbon and natural sources such as bogs were involved.

        1. Methane is a big problem. It’s an even stronger greenhouse gas. There’s a lot of methane stored in the permafrost of the Arctic, and as temperatures warm, more is released into the atmosphere. The pine beetles have been destroying forests here in Canada, too. It’s just too warm to kill them in winter.

          1. Yes. In my battles against fracking here in New York State, I learned a lot about the potency of methane and the various causes of its rise in the atmosphere, which is also at historic levels. Besides the permafrost melting, there are a lot of methane hydrates in cold ocean waters that will also get dumped into the atmosphere as we reach new temperature tipping points.

      2. That’s very nice. But did you know that the amount of vegetation in the world is decreasing due to clear cutting of tropical forests and increased urbanization? I’d love to see more trees to help decrease the CO2 in the atmosphere. But it’s also a fact that it’s a greenhouse gas that keeps heat in the atmosphere. This is seen on Venus, which has a runaway greenhouse effect. It’s atmosphere is mostly CO2. Nothing can live there because it’s too hot.

  4. Oh, Snopes says it isn’t true. Well, I guess that’s that. What exactly makes Snopes the grand infallible arbiter of online truth? They say they are.

    I’ve been to Snopes and I’ve read their article. They do cite some scientists and they do have some numbers. What they don’t show is data to back up where those numbers come from. On the other hand here we numbers AND data to back up the Mt Etna claim. 232761335_Eruptive_and_diffuse_emissions_of_CO2_from_Mount_Etna

    1. Thanks for providing that information. As it says in that paper, Mt. Etna degasses 13 million tonnes of CO2 per year. According to the information on Snopes, the global output of volcanoes is 200 million tonnes of CO2 per year. This pretty much supports what it says on Snopes.

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