The Kitchen Supervisor

The A to Z Challenge starts its third week with the letter K.  In this story, we get some food.  I hope you enjoy the dish.

The Kitchen Supervisor


New Athens

Second day, eighth month, first year after colonisation, Ariadne Era (8/02/01 AE)

The door opened and Craig Fisher walked into the kitchen carrying a box of carrots. He walked straight to the counter and put the box down.

“Everyone,” he said. All seven pairs of eyes focused on him. “We have carrots.”

The group of cooks cheered. “Finally,” said one woman.

“These aren’t just any carrots. These are the first ones that actually look normal, and they were sent to us to cook for the government. Let’s give them a meal they’ll never forget.”

The woman picked up a carrot and washed it off. She cut a piece off and tossed in her mouth. She chewed, then said, “It tastes wonderful. I can’t believe it’s been this long since we’ve had carrots.”

“It took them eight months to get them to grow properly in this soil around here, Dana,” said Craig.

Craig watched as each member of the kitchen did their assigned tasks. Dana was in charge of the vegetables, and was one of his best cooks. Only the best for the colony’s council.

Dana put the cooked carrots in a serving dish. Craig looked at the dish, a simple one with julienned carrots, butter, and oregano. He took a sample with a fork and smelled it. Wonderful. He put it in his mouth and chewed it. He coughed and spat it out in a garbage can.

“What’s wrong?” asked Dana.

“Awful! How can it smell so good, but taste so bad?” said Craig.

Dana tasted it, then spat it out as well. “I don’t understand,” she said.

“Neither do I. That should taste delicious.”

“But it tasted normal when it was raw.”

“How could that be?” asked Craig as he looked at the box of carrots.

8 thoughts on “The Kitchen Supervisor”

  1. Hmm. Wonder where they got the butter. (May not be real butter. May be something they brought with them and saved for an important meal. Maybe they have goats somewhere.)

    I’m enjoying these little snippets of story and how they all interconnect. Now I want to find out what caused the carrots to be wonky… Some kind of convoluted, evil plot by that guy who wants to cut down the tree?

    1. Plot hole! That’s what I get for doing something like this. Need editing! But that would make this daily challenge too difficult to do. Anyway, I’ll just say it’s synthetic butter (not margarine) or it was in storage. They will get real butter once the cow embryos are “born” and grow up.

      The problem with the carrots isn’t anything nefarious. Just part of the difficulty of growing food in alien soil…or something went wrong with the genetic engineering.

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