Choose My Best Instagram Photos – Round 1, Group 33

A little bit of hot, a lot of cold, and a baby. That’s what you get in this group of pictures. We’re up to the thirty-third group, and we are officially over halfway to the finish, at least for Round 1. Enjoy these ones.

The rules are simple. I post 10 of my Instagram photos every few days, and you get to vote on your favourites. It’s multiple choice, so please vote for 2 to 4 photos (3 is ideal). Leave a comment saying why you voted the way you did. The poll comes after the photos.

Here are the photos!

Snow in Yokohama

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It's snowing!

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Not my car in the snow

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Wintery scene with cloudy Tanzawa mountains

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Snowy grass or grassy snow?

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Snowy garden

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Veggies in the snow

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The best thing in the world. Unfiltered, real. My daughter was just born.

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Fujisawa winter sunset

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And now the vote. Please vote for your favourite photos (ideally 3, but anywhere between 2 and 4):


I’m looking forward to your comments about this group. Please let me know which ones you chose and why. Thanks for voting!

Ben Affleck as Batman?

I think that when Ben Affleck was announced as being the next Batman, most people were incredibly skeptical. I was worried that whenever I saw him as Bruce Wayne, I’d keep thinking that’s Ben Affleck, not Bruce Wayne. Well, after watching the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I have to say that I’m rather optimistic about this now.

Everyone thought Michael Keaton would be a terrible Batman, since he did mostly comedy. But his Batman turned out to be my favourite. I also liked Val Kilmer’s Batman. The others after that? Well, I didn’t see Christian Bale’s, so I’m not sure how to react to him. But George Clooney was a terrible Batman.

The comments I’m seeing now about Ben Affleck’s Batman is that this is the comic book Batman, and it’s very good. The action, the attitude, it’s all Bruce Wayne and Batman from the comics and Arkham Knight video game. Looking forward to this!

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

40 Days Until Canada – We’re Getting a Car!

One thing my wife and I have discussed a lot is what kind of car to get when we are living in Canada. We’ve focused on mainly Japanese cars, and many of the cars we’re interested in are available in Canada (although under a different name in some cases). I recorded a video talking about this. Take a look.

If you’re interested in seeing what the cars are, here are videos for reviews. First up is the Honda Fit.

And next is the Mazda3 (Mazda Axela in Japan).

And here’s our final possible lease, the Nissan Versa Note (Nissan Note in Japan).

Looking down the road, after a couple years of leasing, here are the cars we’ve been talking about buying. First is the Toyota Prius c (Toyota Aqua in Japan). This review is for the 2015 model. It’s been redesigned for 2016. Just a note about this car, it is actually not a Prius. Very different car.

Next is the Honda HR-V (or Honda Vezel in Japan).

And the Subaru XV Crosstrek (simply the Subaru XV in Japan).

And finally, the Subaru Forester. This is the 2015 model in the video.

I need to test drive the cars to come to any conclusion. I’m actually reasonably impressed by the Mazda3, as well as the Subaru Crosstrek.

What do you think? Let me know if you have any suggestions or have any opinions about these cars.