Tired of the Lies and Politicization of the Fort McMurray Disaster

Have you seen this meme going around on Facebook?

trudeaumemeIt is a lie. It’s propaganda designed to make you hate Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government of Canada. I’m not going to go through why this is a lie. Please read this wonderful explanation about exactly what’s happening with the situation and why the Canadian government will be spending a lot more on Fort McMurray than Syrian refugees.

Before you start sharing political memes on the internet, do a little research. Most likely, it’s not true. I’m finding several people I know are falling for these memes and sharing them, thinking they’re true. Well, they’re not true. I am honestly getting tired of all of the people who share things like this without thinking rationally about it. It’s all emotional. Please stop it.

8 thoughts on “Tired of the Lies and Politicization of the Fort McMurray Disaster”

      1. It’s so irritating. I’ve played the debunking game before quite often, but I often feel awkward. I don’t want to be “that” person who acts holier/smarter than thou, though I’ve been called out quite a few times, too.

        1. I don’t, either. And with one of the people I keep debunking comments of, she’s a relative, and apparently can be incredibly stubborn and a bit strong with her opinions. She’ll argue.

          1. The worst is when you have people who think they’re always right no matter what and don’t care/listen to evidence like when your father whom you always thought was highly intelligent attempts to say things that no rational person would ever claim. Sometimes you just sit there open mouthed because you cannot believe what you just heard and the mountain of all the things wrong with the statement is going to crash down on you rendering you speechless for long time. It’s frustrating because you know nothing you say will sway an opinion tied to cognitive dissonance and very often based in fear.

            1. Yeah, very difficult to say anything. I’ve found it’s often coworkers that are people like this. I’ve had some that other coworkers and I wondered about.

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