What Is the United States?

Most of you are American.  I can safely say that, because more than 50% of the readers of this blog are American.  In 2014, Americans made up around 60% of the readers.  So, chances are you’re American.  If not, forgive me.  I’m not American, either.

This is the first post in a new series where I explore each country that my readers come from, starting with the biggest and going down to the smallest.  However, I need your help.  I’m going to provide the most basic information that you can find, but I want opinions from you.

Are you American?  Have you lived in the United States?  Or have you visited the United States?  Even if you aren’t, please read on.

320px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svgThe United States of America

It’s a big country.  With an area of 9,857,306 square kilometres, it’s the third largest country in the world.  It has a population of 320,061,700, which is also third in the world.  The capital city is Washington, D.C.  The largest city is New York City, with a population of 8,405,837 (metro 19,949,502).  English is the most common language, although not official.  The country became independent on July 4, 1776.  The leader of the country is the President (currently Barack Obama) and it’s a federal presidential constitutional republic.

The United States is so big, every region has many different things to see, do, and eat.  So, I’d like your help.  If you’re American, lived in the USA, or visited the USA, please answer the following questions in the comments below.

  1. What places would you say are the best to visit?
  2. What would you say is the truly American food?
  3. What is a truly American activity, sport, or pastime?
  4. For the readers out there, who is/was the greatest (or your favourite) American author?

Thank you very much.  If you can, please share this.  I’d like to get many great answers.  Also, as a stereotypically Canadian thing to do, I apologise for all of the British spelling.

Reading in 2015

It’s another new year, and another look ahead at what I plan to read.  Last year, I set a target at 30 books and read only 17.  Just over halfway to my goal.  This year, I’m going for 30 again, but I plan to change my reading habits.  More reading in the evening before I go to bed.  So, here’s what I plan to read in 2015.  For actual physical books, here’s my list:

  1. Homeland – R. A. Salvatore (currently reading)
  2. Star Trek: Nemesis – J. M. Dillard
  3. Deadhouse Gates – Steven Erikson
  4. Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare
  5. The Neutronium Alchemist – Peter F. Hamilton
  6. The Iliad – Homer
  7. The Dragon Reborn – Robert Jordan
  8. Mercury – Ben Bova
  9. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – C. S. Lewis
  10. Redemption Ark – Alastair Reynolds
  11. Reaper Man – Terry Pratchett
  12. Green Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
  13. Hamlet – William Shakespeare
  14. Dune Messiah – Frank Herbert
  15. Children of the Mind – Orson Scott Card
  16. Exile – R. A. Salvatore
  17. The Naked God – Peter F. Hamilton
  18. Armageddon’s Children – Terry Brooks
  19. Blue Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson
  20. Memories of Ice – Steven Erikson
  21. The Ringworld Engineers – Larry Niven
  22. Rendezvous with Rama – Arthur C. Clarke
  23. Stone of Tears – Terry Goodkind
  24. The Shadow Rising – Robert Jordan
  25. Prince Caspian – C. S. Lewis
  26. Absolution Gap – Alastair Reynolds
  27. A Feast for Crows – George R. R. Martin
  28. Black Powder War – Naomi Novik
  29. Witches Abroad – Terry Pratchett
  30. Sojourn – R. A. Salvatore

Maybe I won’t get them all done.  Lots of long books.  Here are the next 15 eBooks I plan to read in order of download.

  1. First Contact – Michael R. Hicks (currently reading)
  2. Blood Skies – Steven Montano
  3. The Book of Deacon – Joseph R. Lallo
  4. Keepers of Water – R. G. Porter
  5. Young Lord of Khadora – Richard S. Tuttle
  6. Blood and Steel – Martin Parece
  7. The Seekers of Fire – Lynna Merrill
  8. The Prophecy – Jeffrey M. Poole
  9. Legon Awakening – Nicholas Taylor
  10. The Shadowbearer – Terry C. Simpson
  11. Supernova – Crystal Ward
  12. Collapse – Richard Stephenson
  13. Book of Remembrance – Tania Johansson
  14. The Weight of Blood – David Dalglish
  15. The Burning Sky – Joseph Robert Lewis

And finally, a couple of art books I didn’t even get to in 2014.  I really should finish them both this year.

  1. The World of Robert Bateman (currently reading)
  2. Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature

And that is all for 2015.  I’d love to get to all of the books I have above, and maybe I will be lucky and read a lot more than expected.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see.

Anything look interesting to you?