Life in Japan: My Travels

I came to Japan to see it all. Did I? No, not at all.  But there are some things I am very happy to have seen.  This week’s question is from S. R. Carrillo. She asked many questions, didn’t she?

Where all have you traveled?

Odawara Castle in the rain with a couple cosplayers in front.
Odawara Castle in the rain with a couple cosplayers in front.

Surprisingly, I haven’t traveled very much in Japan. I live in Kanagawa, which is just south of Tokyo. I’ve also been to Tokyo, of course. The other prefectures I’ve been to are Saitama, Chiba, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka.

In Kanagawa, I’ve lived in Yokohama, Kamakura, and now Fujisawa. I’ve also visited Odawara, Yokosuka, Kawasaki, Sagamihara, Isehara, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka, Zushi, Hayama, Miura, Oiso, and Yamato. I think the highlights are Kamakura (many temples and shrines), Odawara (castle pictured above), Fujisawa (with Enoshima), and Yokohama (technically the largest city in Japan).

In Tokyo, I’ve been mainly around the main city area, but I’ve also been to Machida and Hachioji (Mt. Takao).

In Saitama, I’ve been to Saitama, Warabi, Tokorozawa (for a baseball game), and Kawagoe (a city with many old buildings).

In Chiba, I’ve been mainly to Narita Airport.

In Yamanashi, I’ve been to Mt. Fuji.

In Shizuoka, I’ve also been to Mt. Fuji, but also Atami and the Izu Peninsula, which is famous for resorts and hot springs.

Out of all the places, I think my favourites would have to be Kamakura, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Mt. Fuji.

If you have any questions about living in Japan, please see the original post and leave your questions in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Life in Japan: My Travels”

  1. Even if you stay in Kanto area, there are many places to see.
    You should see more of Chiba (for example: Narita-san Temple, Sawara, the huge Hina-matsuri display in Katsuura, etc) , Tobu Zoo in Saitama, FlowerLand in Kanagawa…and how about Nikko??

        1. I could see well enough, but the space was very limited. It was nearly impossible for me to get good pictures, since my camera didn’t do well with motion.

  2. I feel like I hogged all the questions. 😛 I’m sure there are plenty behind mine, though.

    I guess I know the feeling except it seems you did more with your time. I lived in Germany for 2 and a half years, as you know, and I didn’t really start traveling for things other than work until about the last 6 months. I saw a couple cities around Germany before that, but only after did I venture to other countries.

    I like to think if I ever lived in Japan, I’d travel, but I’m such a homebody that I’d likely end up wanting to spend most of my time at home. I would definitely get out more though that’s not saying much considering how often I don’t get out on the regular hahah. If I went just for a visit, I think I’d be more motivated to travel more in a smaller timespan.

    1. I’m just going through them in the order I received them 🙂

      In the future, we plan to return to Japan often to visit, and we’d like to go to a different part of Japan each time. We’ll travel around Japan far more then than we do now. Now we just live.

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