Week in Review – August 7, 2016

Already August. And I’m finding there’s been progress in several areas. I feel productive! The numbers are in for my YouTube channel, and it’s amazing. I was very surprised!


I’ve been reading a bit more consistently so far this month. I’ve managed to get to 56% in Redemption Ark.


The only place I’m not progressing.


Wow! First of all, 9 new videos on 2 channels. My vlog channel has very few subscribers, so it’s performing poorly. Please subscribe! My main channel has seen the introduction of The Star Trek Project, and I’ve uploaded the first two episodes. But then, there’s the views. The previous week, I uploaded a couple videos about the thunderstorm we had and the flooding. Together, the videos have had 2,500 views! Wow! Incredible!


Nothing yet.


I made it to level 8 in Esperanto on Duolingo!

The Blog

This month’s Authors Answer is unique. Every week, the authors will be giving a summary, setting, and genre for some random titles. It shows of some interesting creativity. And you can vote on your favourites! Also, the views seem to be a bit better than July so far. I hope it stays up.



The Next Week’s Goals

Probably the biggest things will be happening on YouTube. I’m going to finally be renaming my main channel and making a channel trailer. I hope it’ll clarify what’s featured on my channel (and that is booktube, sci-fi, and Japan/travel).

How was your week?

Authors Answer 5 – A Video Update!

Check out the original post here. The question is:

Have you read any foreign language novels, translated or not? What would you recommend?

For the first time, I have a different answer than the original. You see, I’ve read a foreign book that has been translated into English since then. And it was a difficult one! Find out what it was in the video.

If you didn’t want to take the time to watch the video (I think you should), then you’ll know from the thumbnail above anyway. It is The Iliad, which I reviewed last year.

Let me know what you thought of the video and the book, if you’ve read it.