My Daughter Amazes Me

Now more than four and a half years old, it’s hard to believe it’s been so long since she was a non-verbal baby. Now, she talks. She talks non-stop! It doesn’t matter if it’s in Japanese or English, she will continually talk until everyone is hoping she’ll be quiet for a few minutes.

The rate at which she’s acquired English is amazing. She’s become conversational in English, although her grammar is still odd. That’ll sort itself out over the next year, I think. She still lacks vocabulary, but she’ll learn quickly. School starts in September for her, so she’ll have a great opportunity to speak more.

But there’s something I’ve noticed this week. She can negotiate. She’s a bit manipulative. She’s stubborn. And she is very strong-willed. She wanted something to eat, and she asked for three of something (I don’t remember what!). But that was too much. We said just one. She settled on two, and we said okay. And tonight, while going to sleep, she was being so incredibly cute, I would’ve loved to have had the conversation on camera. She wanted to hold our hands, then she wanted my wife and I to hold hands. She said she loves us, and we’re her best friends. She was very happy to have us cuddling with her. She was happy to just be with us.

We’re doing something right. She’s actually quite generous. She’ll ask for some gummies, candy, or something else, and she’ll give everyone a piece. She likes to share. But she can be bull-headed and refuse to do things when we ask. I always have to talk to her about not listening to us, and she always apologises. Have to be stern with her sometimes. But in the end, she’s happy.

She’s my best friend.

I Seem to Have Forgotten a Couple Updates

On Sunday, I neglected to do the Week in Review update. On Monday, I forgot to do The Star Trek Project update.

I blame No Man’s Sky!

Well, there were issues with Steam, which caused big problems with my sister’s computer, and it’s been uninstalled. We may have lost progress in No Man’s Sky, but I have no idea yet. Anyway, we just started, so no big deal.

What I have to do tonight is a booktube video and a vlog, which includes some of the computer issues. I’ll elaborate more on it later. Through a lot of research, it seems these problems aren’t uncommon with Steam.

Anyway, expect the regular updates to happen on their regular days next Sunday and Monday. I’ll just have two weeks of information to tell you.

Other things I plan on doing are a couple of updates with Authors Answer index and a new page for The Star Trek Project. And I’ll do some socialising on YouTube to meet new booktubers.

How’s your day?