Big Milestone Approaching! Ask Me Anything

This blog has a big milestone coming up, and I thought I’d do something a bit different for it. I’d like to do a Q & A. This will happen on Saturday night, so you only have two days to ask me questions!

What exactly is this milestone? I’ll tell you on Saturday. It might surprise you. But in the meantime, the comments section is at your disposal. You can ask me anything. And I mean anything. Whether I answer the question or not depends on if it’s too personal or inappropriate.

So, ask away! I want a lot of questions, so please share this post. I’m looking forward to your questions.

My Reading Challenges

I’ve talked about my reading challenges before, but not quite like this. This time, I’ve asked the Booktube community on YouTube for some help, since they’re a different group of people, though they tend to enjoy reading more young adult books than anything. But I asked anyway! Here’s the video.

Since I’ve asked before, here is the list I compiled from my blog readers. If you have more suggestions, that would be great! Let me know in the comments section.