Newsletter Is Coming Soon

I’ve signed up with MailChimp and will be trying to figure out how to set up a mailing list. It doesn’t seem very intuitive at first glance, but I haven’t explored it much yet.

I’m still deciding on the content for the newsletter, and I’m thinking weekly or biweekly will be best.

This is a little survey for you. If you’re interested in the newsletter, what content would you like to see? Please leave your answers in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Newsletter Is Coming Soon”

  1. A newsletter may be more useful for me, since you post quite frequently. I might sign up that way and then just click on the posts that are interesting. 😛

    As far as content, I’m not sure. I just started my own newsletter and tried to touch a little something for all of my audience: stuff in Japan, cool internet things, reading/reviews, and my publications.

    1. But all of my posts should be interesting 🙂

      I’m trying to think of some categories to put in it. I’d like to do something special, only available in the newsletter. I have incentives, too.

      1. They are, haha. I just have to pick and choose a lot, since my blog feed fills up with about 100 new posts a day.

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