Week in Review – July 3, 2016

July already. And I’m really noticing a slowdown in the activity on the blog. Views are down, comments are down. I think people are going out more. I’m expecting summer to be slower than usual. Hoping things pick up, though. But let’s find out what happened this week.


I did a bit more reading. Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds is now at 47%. I think I’ll read a bit more tonight, though.


Again, not happening until I have privacy and quiet.


Nothing happening here. Again, I don’t expect anything until my YouTube audience is larger and I have some writing going on.


I’ve done a bit of work on Esperanto, and close to getting to the next level on Duolingo. A new language is now available there, too. It’s Hungarian! I need to do some language test drives.


In the past week, I posted six videos to my channel! Seems that’s my regular pace, since I did the same the previous week. My subscribers are steadily increasing, though not at a really quick rate. I’m approaching 100 subscribers, though!

The Blog

We’ve started a new month with Authors Answer, and we’re down one member. If one more decides to retire, then I’ll be asking for more people to help contribute. I like to keep it at ten contributors or more. We’re at ten now. But it seems we only lose one contributor every six months. And I can’t believe question 100 is approaching in about three months!


Heh. No.

The Next Week’s Goals

Another six videos, possibly some reviews, too. I’ve been wondering if I should try a couple videos some days. I should be starting Authors Answer on video this week, too. On the blog, I’ll push myself to get a couple reviews done. For reading, I’ll make sure I read every day. I need to make a more consistent effort for these things.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

My Selfish Wishlist of Things I Want to Do

We shouldn’t rely on other people to make us happy. We need to make ourselves happy. There are some things that only you can do for yourself. So, I’m going to be extremely selfish right now. These are some things I want to do

  • Self-publish novels that will hopefully become popular.
  • Become popular on YouTube so I can make money off of them.
  • Play in a golf tournament and do well.
  • Build or buy a house that has one room that is entirely my own room to design how I want it.
  • Have a gaming computer so I can play things like No Man’s Sky.
  • Have a home theatre so I can watch any movie on a big screen.
  • Have an indoor swimming pool.
  • Travel to as many countries in the world as I want.
  • Have a second home in Japan.
  • Have a nice car and take road trips around North America.
  • Be able to work at home (hint: become a best-selling author and popular on YouTube).
  • Have a beautiful view from my home.
  • Go birdwatching.
  • Get a second university degree: Geology with a minor in palaeontology.
  • Climb mountains and go hiking in the mountains.
  • Travel around Europe by train.
  • Tell Donald Trump in person that he’s an idiot (this is just something that would feel satisfying).
  • Have my Ariadne series of books turned into an MMORPG with the entire world rendered into a realistic 3D environment that’s played with a virtual reality system.

Told you it would be selfish. Anyone else feel the same? What do you want to do? Let me know in the comments below.