I wish I could just lie down in this field, minus the insects. 

Having one of those days. I’ll be fine, but feeling like I need to be outside in some park with a book, just to take my mind off a couple things. But I’ll leave it at that. Not going to give any details. 

A hug from my daughter would be great, too. 

100 Subscribers on YouTube!

Wow. That was pretty quick. Three weeks ago, I started doing Booktube on my YouTube channel. I had around 50 subscribers at that time. I just hit 100! I know, that’s kind of small compared to a couple other things. This blog has 1,371 followers and I have 3,486 followers on Twitter. However, doubling my subscribers in such a short time is pretty nice, even though it’s only 100.

So, for my 100 subscriber celebration, I want questions! Ask me anything! You can go to this blog post and ask me there. I want a lot of questions, so please ask! Or you can ask me on this post. That’s fine, too.