I Am Literally Watching Paint Dry

I have twelve planks of wood to paint. Two are finished, but I need to wait for them to dry before I can do anything else. I am actually watching paint dry. 

I need to move them, but they’re still wet. I need that space to paint two more boards. It takes an hour for the paint to dry. Isn’t this fun?

2 thoughts on “I Am Literally Watching Paint Dry”

  1. You are doing it all wrong. It’s going to take you 6 hours (12 if you are painting both sides) to get this job done.

    Go to the cupboard and get 4 cans of equal high (or water glasses if your better half is not around). Take the painted boards off the floor and put them on the cans. If you can find enough cans or other objects to lift the boards, you can be finished by bedtime.

    Personally, I don’t you this method anymore. (Wife caught me with the water glasses.) I buy roofing nails and push them through cardboard to elevated my painting projects. This way I can paint both sides of the boards.

    Have fun with your painting and try to get to bed before midnight.

    1. I gave up. I don’t actually have anything I could’ve put down underneath. And I only needed to paint one side of the boards. The paper sticks to the wood. Not a very good thing. Even if I’d raised the boards, I didn’t have enough room to do them all anyway.

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